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Jerry and Jonna, 1965

Brother and Sister, not fighting

Jerry and Jonna, 1965

My sister Jonna used to hate cameras.
You'd point one at her and she would burst into tears.
This is the irony when you consider 20 years later she became Miss Texas of 1985.

I used to get lost in stores.
I would see something of interest and wander away from Mom.
Then Jonna came along.
I could hear her squealing from anywhere in the store, and I never got lost again.
Even today, she still helps keep me from being lost.
I found out early it can be pretty cool to have a baby sister.
Thanks, Quail!

Tuffy and Friend, Late 70s

Tuffy and Friend, late 70s

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy, sometime in the 1980s

with sister, brother and unidentified puppy

Hot Biscuit, 1984

Hot Biscuit commercial, 1984

Produced by Stephen F. Austin Film Department, with me as Ronald McDonald.

"Cheddar Burger and Rings for only $2.49!   I couldn't pass up a deal like that!"

Yes, McDonald's threatened to sue.


Self-Portrait, 1984

The author at work!
Working on a big writing project at my job in the Stephen F. Austin Library.

Portrait by Reagan Wrench

Portait of Me by roommate Reagan Wrench, 1986

Reagan was a talented cartoonist who went on to marriage, fatherhood and success in community theatre.


TV Movie

April, 1989

I had been out of the SFA film department a few years and was struggling to make a living in the film business.

My acting career was still a few months away, and this little film helped me get my confidence.
It wasn't much -- just a couple of scenes -- but it was work.
And I idolized the director and fellow film student, Joe Jones, so I jumped at the chance.
(That's Joe, leaning on the box.)

The long-haired dude second from left in the second row is Logan Breit, now a successful Hollywood film editor.
You've seen his work in "Pleasantville" and "Final Destination".
No, he didn't pay me for this plug.

Top row, 5th from left (wearing sunglasses) is William Arscott, Chairman of the Stephen F. Austin Film Department, best teacher I ever had.

Cable Access, 1990

Picketing Outside Cable Access of Dallas

May 16, 1990

Pictured: Me, Mikael Powell and Anne McKinney

My Political Activist days.
After being patronized, ignored and misrepresented by the CADI Board, this was the Producers' last straw -- when the Board passed strict new rules and cancelled a couple of shows. It was time for action.

I organized a peaceful demonstration outside the monthly Tuesday morning Board meeting. We made the front page of the newspaper and were interviewed on radio and TV.

The Board President called the cops on us! No arrests were made.

Birthday 1990

My 30th Birthday

August 14, 1990

The best birthday party of my life.
It was the only surprise party I ever had.
Here I am pictured with two of my favorite ladies, Sharlyn Heatherley and Janet Kollmeier.
I think of them often.

Lt. Foster

Lt. Foster, 1991-1997

Most actors, if they ever become known at all, usually become known for just one role.

For me, the closest I've ever come to that mark would be Det. Lt. Louis Foster in six of Kurt Kleinmann's black and white murder mysteries at Pegasus Theatre.

It's hard to describe, but the role fit a certain hidden side of my personality.
He was all the things I secretly wished I could be -- quick-minded, tough-as-nails but with a sensitive side.
Playing the guy was like pushing a button. And from listening to the comments of audience members, he was fun to watch.

Years later, people still call me "Lieutenant."

How many roles can you play where you get to christen a piece of your costume for posterity? I named the hat "Floyd".

Thanks, Kurt.


Legal Services Firm


On my resume are listed "Eagle Scout" and "American Mensa," 2 memberships I'm especially proud of.
The firm's owner saw those, and on the strength of it, decided to hire me.

He said later, "I figured Mensa means he's a genius, and Eagle Scout means he'll never lie to me."

And I never did, in almost 14 years.

Truth is sometimes very difficult, and so it was with this firm.

My time there is mostly a fog. I did a little bit of everything. Talking on the phone with over a thousand people, providing a taxi service for clients, moving the office twice.

The only lie I ever told was in June, 2012, when I said I had found another job, and hadn't. I gave that as my reason for leaving. Still a smart decision.

Three Families

Three Families, 2001

Fitzgerald, Meaders/Potts, Weir/Reynolds

Back Row: Me, Jonna, Dad, Norman, Trent, Nell, Eddie, Dorothy, Jerry, Mary

Front Row: Mom, Judy, Cody, Justin

Much has happened since this picture was taken. Mom, Dad and Trent are gone, I am a lot thinner, Jonna's leg is nicely healed and Judy and Norman adopted three kids.

Donating Blood

One of My Hobbies: Donating Blood

May, 2005

I know, it's a strange hobby.

At least this way I know I'm giving something to someone who really needs it. And I don't mind the needles so much, as long as the phlebotomist knows what she's doing.

In 2011, I had surgery on a vertebrae in my neck. The surgeon implanted a disc from a cadaver. Because of this, Carter Blood Care forbade me to donate blood for a year.


Mom at Dinner

Mom and I At Dinner on Cruise

Christmas, 2007

My mother was one of my best friends.

We took three of these cruises to Hawaii and the Caribbean.

She was 82 years old when this picture was taken.

Cruise, April 2010

Somewhere in the Caribbean

April, 2010

Our third and last cruise.

In back: Garrett Boersma (Jonna's beau), Randy, Me, Jonna, Peggy.

In front: Dorothy & Mom.

Mom and Sonny

Mom and Sonny

March, 2011

Sonny was a Shiatsu that I rescued, and I took him to visit Mom in the hospice. As we were leaving, he used the bathroom in the middle of the hallway.

I don't think he will ever be a Therapet!

Mom lived one more month after this picture was taken. She died one week before her 86th birthday.

I will always remember her without the oxygen tube.

Mom and Sonny

Mom's Memorial

April 2012

This is the memorial fountain our family had built and donated to the Hospice of East Texas, where Mom spent her final days.

After a year, coins have been appearing in the bottom, from people making wishes.

I hope everyone gets their wish.

Mom and Sonny

At It Again

Blood Donation, November 2012

The Carter Blood Care people tell me I'm a 9-gallon donor.

I have no idea who got all that blood. Nine gallons wouldn't fit in a refrigerator.

One day they actually gave me a choice. They said I could pick who gets my donation. I told them either give it to a veteran or a little kid.

I like to give platelets because they have a special need for it, and I get to donate more often.

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